Do you take off your shoes before entering your home? Here’s Why You Should

People, among other things, can be divided on those that pull on the door of the house and those who come home with shoes.

The latest research, which led the team of researchers from the University of Hjuston showed that 26.4 percent of the shoes soles possess the bacterium Clostridium difficile, which can cause pathological conditions in the digestive tract.

A survey in 2015 also showed that 40 percent of the shoes contains the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes.
Considering these results, it may be really smart about your health to take off your shoes before entering the home. Still does not necessarily mean that these bacteria are on your shoes, but for health the most important factor is hygiene.

Ravel, a U.K.-based women’s footwear retailer recently commissioned a study examining the cleanliness of footwear. The study put 10 pairs of flats and heels to the test to see just how clean they were. The following results will likely have you leaving your shoes outside your front door.

Lab Results

Much of the bacteria found on the shoes tested can cause blisters and sores, and in some cases, can cause food poisoning or toxic shock syndrome. This bacterium is commonly found on the skin and household items. Of the bacteria found on the uppers and soles of the tested shoes, the bacteria causing illnesses, staphylococcus, was present in nine out of 10 of them.