Gynecologists Warn, 6 Menstrual Problems You Should Never Ignore

There is no woman who likes menstrual cycles, so no one would mind skipping one every now and then. However, menstruation should be regular and women should not neglect the symptoms and the problems during the menstrual cycle.

Menstrual cycle changes are normal and can be triggered by many factors, such as stress, virus infection, medications, and even a long journey. Skipped cycle, reduced or extreme bleeding can signify a serious problem, sending you signals that a visit should be paid to your gynecologist.

Here are some warning signs that could point to some underlying problems:


Missing two or more menstrual cycles may signify you are dealing with some problems such as thyroid problems, stress, or premature menopause, hormonal imbalance and extreme exercising. Absent menstrual cycles may lead to increased growth of abnormal cells that can cause cancer. In this case, you need to check your blood, the hormone level, the function of the thyroid gland and check if you have polycystic ovaries.


Endometriosis may be the cause of experiencing intensive and painful cramps. It is a health condition when cells which grow inside the uterus start to grow from the external wall and cause unbearable pain. It can occur any time, and most women who experience it had painful menstruation from the youngest years.


This can be normal, especially for women who take birth control pills. However, it is advisable to check it with a doctor because you may be dealing with ovarian cyst, fibroids or pre-cancer cells.

ABNORMAL BLEEDING OR CYCLE THAT LASTS MORE THAN 10 DAYS Excessive bleeding can be recognized if you change hygienic pads every hour. It can indicate some medical conditions as fibroids, polyps, or adenomyosis. See a doctor immediately in this case.


The symptoms are mood swings, unrestrained food cravings, anxiety, depression, losing control, and anger. They can be unbearable, but when taking antidepressants for 2 weeks to a month, you will feel much better.


Throughout the menstrual period, some medical conditions can become worse. Premenstrual intensification is responsible for feeling bad a week before the period and diabetes, arthritis, asthma, and depression can get much worse. Consult a doctor to reduce the symptoms by prescribing the right medicines.

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