Natural wash PRIVATE PART for woman’s with Lemon leaves

Want a natural vaginal wash? This remedy works much better than commercially available washes.

A woman’s PRIVATE PART is an extremely sensitive place and is quite susceptible to infections. But if you do what to keep it clean, doctors suggest you avoid using soap to wash the area. This is because soap can be very harmful for the sensitive skin around your genitals and can even lead to certain infections due to a sudden drop in its pH.

Consider this, your vagina has its own cleaning system that works with the help of organisms and lubricating fluid. When the pH drops, the organisms that helps keep your vagina free of infections die, making space for other disease causing organisms to take their place. So, instead of investing in expensive vaginal washes, here is a natural remedy that can help keep your private parts clean and healthy, without the side effects of soap.

Lemon leaves wash

Lemon and its leaves contain a compound called limonene that make it a very potent antibiotic, antimicrobial and an anti-allergic agent that is especially effective against a organism that causes a condition called thrush or candidiasis. This wash is also very effective in treating conditions like vaginitis, itching, foul-odour and leucorrhea. It also helps maintain the pH of the vagina and keeps it healthy and clean.

How to use:

Pluck about 10 tender lemon leaves and wash them well. Them crush them and add them to one glass of water. Boil the mixture until the water changes colour to a greenish hue. Now cool and strain this decoction. Use this to wash your private parts. Do not use soap, you can rinse off the solution with normal water if you feel uncomfortable.

A word of caution:

Please make sure the water is not too hot when you use it. Also, make sure you are not allergic to the mixture and use it after consulting a doctor. This is only a home remedy and should not be used instead of medical advice.

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